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Factorio is about working within logistical and spatial constraints to effect large scale designs. It is about the power of scaling horizontally, increasing production by reusing designs. It is about a enormous, unfathomable factory of interlinking production and transportation, made intelligible by abstracting the simple behaviours of each component.

When we play Factorio, we keep in mind that everyone has something to contribute, and that by teaching each other high level design concepts has a large return on investment.

Our next Factorio playthrough will be of the upcoming Space Age expansion, and will be organised in the Factorio Channel.

Design Tips

General, useful design tips that should come in handy designing most any blueprint.

This page was written for our Space Exploration playthrough, but most tips are relevant no matter the mod set.

Train Standard

How we name and organise trains and stations in our playthroughs.

Interplanetary Logistics

Instructions on how to set up Cargo Rocket Logistics in Space Exploration.

Using Helmod

How to get the most out of the Helmod planning mod.

Bill of Materials

A utility that converts a blueprint string into constant-combinators containing the items required to build everything in that blueprint.