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In the depths of Europa lurk creatures that will ensure your vessel is your coffin. Only the combined talents and efforts of a crew at the ready can stave them off and pilot the submarine to the next station.

Of course, crew often have their own goals and motivations, sometimes contrary to the good of the rest of the ship. Security must always be on the lookout for such behaviour, unless they, too, are implicated.

Of course, there's more than one way to become a wreck, or a husk. One may simply forget to check the integrity of the explosive cargo they're transporting, or neglect the long-term health of the ship's reactor while on an away mission.

If you work best under pressure, join our Barotrauma sessions, which are scheduled in the Barotrauma Channel. Sessions are currently held Fridays at .

If you do not know anything about the game, picking it up is fairly easy, and everyone is happy to teach.