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Arma Rules

  • Our players may be of any skill level; don't expect everyone to have the same ability. Everyone's contribution is appreciated.

  • Attendance is a non-rule. We'd love to have you as often as you'd like.

  • There are no truly individual mistakes, faults, or shortcomings. We play Arma as an entirely player-driven experience. When things go wrong, it can be especially frustrating when it is the actions of other players that appear to be the immediate cause, but you must always think in terms of how to do better next time.

  • Coordinating multiple elements around a shared plan is essential: try to understand your lead's intent and do your best to execute on it.

  • Just as trying to understand the intent of your immediate leader is essential in being able to execute your own initiative while maintaining coordination and group cohesion, understanding the intent of the scenario or mission is essential in being able to exercise initiative within its storytelling or experiential context.

    • For example, if a scenario has you playing as a regular in an insurgent faction, it is probably outside the scope of the scenario for you to pilot an enemy gunship, even if you've managed to sit your character inside one.
  • Scavenge enemy equipment only as a last resort. Weapons look and sound different; using enemy rifles may result in fratricide. In addition, when possible, you should try to return home with the equipment you were issued at the start.

  • If the leadership is incapacitated, someone else needs to take charge and claim it. Having an inexperienced lead is better than having none at all.