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Tabletop Simulator

We use Tabletop Simulator to play board games. Buying this game gets you access to the world of board games without the typical expense that comes with physical copies. Schedule and join sessions with your friends, and learn new games in a relaxed, social environment.

The Tabletop Simulator community has implemented every popular board game you can think of, and makes the world of cardboard and card stock accessible. You do not need to do any setup, just connect and play.

Games are organised in the Tabletop Simulator Channel.

I don't know how to play any of these games!

Teaching board games is a core part of playing them. Every board game session will have many people familiar with the game and eager to share it.

Spirit Island

Spirit Island is one of the most played board games in Rainbow Coalition.

It is a cooperative strategy game in which players embody the forces of nature to repel an invading, colonial force from afar. Invaders' picks break against the hard stone, their settlements are flooded by raging rivers, walls of thorns erupt to interrupt their harvests, and at night they have nightmares of being swallowed whole by the ocean.

Each player plays a Spirit of their choice, and must use a combination of that spirit's innate powers and ones learned over the course of the game in order to stymie the exploration, building, and ravaging of the land by the invaders.

The game has a modular and expansive difficulty system, where each colonial power presents its own twist on the formula.

The start of a Spirit Island game with three players
The start of a Spirit Island game with three players


Root is an asymmetric wargame, where each player commands a different faction vying for political and military control of the Woodland. The factions have totally different rules, goals, and scoring conditions, and the cute exterior of the Woodland's denizens belies one of the most cutthroat, and one of the most popular board games played today.

Players naturally end up playing politics, working together agreements to end the leading scorer's seemingly unstoppable advance, only to betray each other after the tussle. Can you navigate the delicate balance of powers and come out on top?

A game of Root in play
A game of Root in play

The Entire World of Boardgames

Organise games to play anything you'd like, and try a wide variety of genres such as deckbuilding, hidden movement, or engine building. You find people to play anything from a meditative eurogame like Carcassonne, a social deduction game like Coup, or a regular deduction game like The Crew.

A game of Cryptid
Cryptid, a competitive logical deduction game
A game of The Crew
The Crew, a cooperative deductive trick-taking game
A game of Kelp
Kelp, a two-player asymmetric hidden-movement game
A game of Clank
Clank, a deck building burglary game