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Lethal Company

Let's play Lethal Company!

Lethal Company is a cooperative first person comedy horror game, where players are forced to accomplish dangerous work for an apathetic corporate overlord. Death comes suddenly for the careless.

We organise Lethal Company games in the Lethal Company channel in Mattermost


The game only supports up to 4 players unmodded. We use some mods to uncap this limit and to also allow people to join a game in progress.

Installing the mod manager

We use r2modman as the mod manager. Follow this page for download and installation instructions.

(.deb, .rpm, .pacman, .tar.gz releases are here.)

Then, once you've installed r2modman:

  • Open r2modman
  • Find and select 'Lethal Company' in the game list, and then click 'Select game'.
  • Then on profile selection, select the 'Default' profile and click 'Select profile'.

Installing the mod list

The modlist we are using is:

  • MoreCompany by notnotnotswipez
  • LateCompany by anormaltwig
  • BepInExPack by BepInEx

To install mods:

  • Find the 'Online' tab on the left sidebar
  • Use the search bars at the top to find each mod, then expand the mod and press the 'Download' button. Compare the mod name and author to the ones above!

Once you have exactly 3 mods installed and enabled, you're good to go! Start the game with the 'Start Modded' button in the top-left.

Visual installation guide for the mod manager
Visual installation guide for the mod manager