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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does the name mean?

    Rainbow Coalition is named after Fred Hampton's organisation of the same name, and symbolizes solidaristic behavior of people coming together with a shared goal across cultural, racial, gender, and other boundaries.

  • Why is there a signup process? Why can't I just create an account?

    We implement a signup process to filter out web bots (which there are quite a few of) and bad actors, and to present at least a thin layer between users' conversations on Mattermost and other member-viewable information, and the public internet.

  • Why use Mattermost/Mumble instead of more popular platforms, like Slack/Teamspeak?

    Using self-hosted and free software offers discrete advantages over their competitors. It allows us to modify these software platforms to suit the needs of Rainbow Coalition, and we do not need to pay any license fees to do so.

    However, the main difference is philosophical. Self-hosted, open-source platforms give us complete control over our own policies. If a platform like Slack makes a change that hinders some functionality you're used to, there's nothing you can do about it. Rainbow Coalition operates independently of any financialized corporations.

  • How do I use Mattermost?

    The Intro page for logged-in members contains more detailed instructions for using Mattermost. If you do not have an account, you will not be able to sign in.

    Mattermost is a web application and discussion platform, for real-time text communication. Web application means it runs in your browser, and you can click the Chat link in the header above to get there.

    Then, simply log in with your credentials. This is the username you signed up with, and the password you set in your profile.

  • Who is Rainbow Coalition? Are you all just friends?

    Well, sort of! But don't reverse cause and effect: while some of us may have been friends before joining, most of us have become friends through the community.

    Rainbow Coalition is a community. It is a group of people who care. It is those who need a community and one to give back to.

  • I want to check it out, but I can't commit to any activity right now. Is that okay?

    Of course! You're welcome here, and you'll always be welcome back.

  • Can I change my username?

    Username changes need to be synchronized across multiple databases. This is possible, but needs to be done manually. If you need a username change, message @bloodshot on Mattermost.


  • In the broadest strokes, how does Rainbow Coalition play Arma?

    We play Arma as a cooperative, immersive experience. We aim to deliver a lot every time we play: a memory of place and people and struggle, an exciting story that sticks with you in a way that most sessions of most games do not.

    Players are encouraged to play for each other, rather than for peak performance. Missions are designed to elicit one or more specific emotions, and to utilize the massive scale of Arma 3 to give each mission its own sense of place.

    While we always aim for success when we're playing, the result of a mission being interesting is more important than winning. Losing, after all, is fun.

  • With a bit more detailed strokes, how does Rainbow Coalition play Arma?

    Every Sunday, we get together and hop on the community's Arma server. We play usually two missions, each one to two hours long, with a break in the middle.

    Most missions are self-contained "bottle" stories, rather than being part of larger campaigns, though we do campaigns as well.

  • What kinds of missions are typical?

    Most missions are infantry based, featuring one or two squads of players operating as regular or guerilla forces. Missions usually give a small number of objectives and give broad agency to accomplish them, emphasizing engagement with game systems over scripted events or narratives.

  • Why so many mods?

    Our modlist can be divided into mods which add functionality, such as ACE3 and ACRE2, those that add terrains, and those that add other content, such as weapons, vehicles, and uniforms.

    ACE3 works to expand the feature set of vanilla Arma and introduce gameplay features, such as a complex medical system, that introduce more decision points, and interactivity. ACRE2 is an immersive audio and radio mod that works to scale up communication networks to the requirements of Arma.

    Terrains add variety of place and tone. A dense jungle has a different character than mountainous, arid terrain. The variety of place is essential to keeping missions memorable after thousands of hours of gameplay.

    Content mods such as NIArms and RHS add much creative freedom and storytelling capabilities to mission makers, as well as giving players a wider arsenal of toys to play with.

  • Why so few mods?

    If you're coming from a different group that plays Arma, the mod list may actually appear small, missing mainstays such as CUP.

    The simple reason is that disk space is an accessibility concern. Fewer people have 200GB available to dedicate to Arma than 100GB, and so potential mod additions are evaluated as to how much variety they would add to the play experience against how much disk space they use.

  • What about client mods, such as sound mods?

    Client mods are generally fine, so long as they do not change functionality.

  • How is medical set up?

    For ACE, wound reopening is disabled, and bandages are basic. The consciousness system in ACE has been replaced with a custom one that determines awakeness based on a combination of factors, rather than a handful of discrete thresholds.

    This combination of factors is also used to calculate fatal thresholds for both players and AI.

    The upshot is conscioussness should feel more fluid, for better and worse, when compared to stock ACE3.

  • What about radios?

    Typically, a mission's loadout will assign short-range squad radios to each squad member. These radios will automatically be configured to talk to everyone in the squad's communications net.

    Squad leaders will also possess a second, long range radio, in order to talk between squads and vehicles such as helicopters.

    Radio signal degredation from terrain and buildings is simulated, but the effect is not as strong as in real life.

  • What if I want to play a specialized role, such as a Medic or Marksman?

    Slot into it! There are no requirements to play as any particular role, and most should be playable with a minimal amount of specific instruction.

    If you are not already confident with skills such as team leading or helicopter piloting, but would like to learn, we will organise training for you.

    Arma is, after all, a game, and is the perfect space to try out and learn new roles.

  • How much of my loadout can I customize at the start of a mission?

    Missions will specify a loadout, which will be a combination of uniform and weapons platform, as well as default gear for each role. The Arsenal in game will be limited to equipment, uniforms, and weapon platforms that are specified in that loadout, and your role within it (a Machine Gunner will have access to the machine gun, whereas others in the squad will not).

  • Can I make missions for Rainbow Coalition?


    We are eager to work with any community member that would like to contribute missions, or anything else, to make those mission ideas a reality. This is true even when you do not have any mission-making experience, or would simply like to see a mission idea come to life.