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Rainbow Coalition

We are an English-speaking online community based around cooperative online multiplayer games, such as Arma 3, Project Zomboid, and Barotrauma.

We emphasize forming strong social connections, accommodation, and mutual understanding.

Our strength comes from diverse people united through teamwork.


Our main group activity is Arma 3, which happens every Sunday. However, you do not have to be interested in Arma to join Rainbow Coalition.


Rainbow Coalition members play a wide variety of games. Some highlights are listed here, but you're welcome to find people to play any game you'd like!


Join your friends in periodic community activities! Hang out when you don't have the bandwidth to engage with a stressful multiplayer game.


To join, head over to the signup form and enter a username you'd like. You may optionally enter a description that will be attached to your request. Assuming your username isn't an issue, your request will be approved, and you'll be able to join our Mattermost.