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Book Club

Come read and discuss books together!

We will be reading and analysing community-suggested books, both fiction and non-fiction, then coming together to share what we each got out of the experience.

The book we're currently reading is listed below, as well as the reading period for that book. Longer or denser books may be broken up into sections, where we discuss a set of pages or chapters over shorter time periods.

Please try and obtain access to the book by using your local library, or by purchasing the book from your local bookstore or online. Sometimes, this is not possible for people, and the book may not be otherwise available. Due to this, members may use the links provided.

During each reading period, the Book Club Channel in Mattermost will become a spot for ongoing discussion, quotations, observation, and analysis while people are progressing through the book or section. Since people may be reading at different rates, please keep each top-level message a listing of where in the book you're talking about, and thread the actual discussion.

You are not required to participate in the post-reading discussion, and if you do, you are not required to speak or present; you can simply listen in.

Current Book

Palo Alto (Malcolm Harris)

Section: III

Reading Period: -

Upcoming Books