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Our flagship game is Arma 3, which provides an enormous breadth of scenarios, locations, and storytelling potential. Arma 3 is a unique platform for challenging people to use teamwork to adapt to rapidly evolving, often chaotic situations, combining honed ability with on-the-fly decision making.


Barotrauma is a cooperative "ship game", where a team of players must work together to keep a submarine functional in a hostile, alien world, while also accomplishing difficult missions. The helm of a submarine in Barotrauma often takes on a much more dire tone than the bridge of the USS Enterprise.


Factorio allows you to contribute designs, solving spatial and logistical constraints, and plan large scale construction to further a shared goal of space travel. Join us when the Space Age expansion releases for a new campaign!

Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a cooperative first person comedy horror game, where players are forced to accomplish dangerous work for an apathetic corporate overlord. Death comes suddenly for the careless.

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is the last word in the world of pure survival. Work together to maintain a home in a collapsed society where one mistake can be fatal. Specialise in various skills to provide players with food, repair vehicles, build new constructions, or become adept at clearing zeds.

Tabletop Simulator

Teach or learn any board game you'd like! We are particular fans of the forest full of backstabbing critters, the asymmetric wargame Root, and the cooperative strategy game Spirit Island, where the embodied forces of nature repel European colonialism.

And Everything Else!

In Rainbow Coalition, community games tend to focus on cooperation and interesting, varied experiences, emergent gameplay, and memorable moments, rather than high-skill high-stakes competition.

However, Rainbow Coalition offers a space for you to find like-minded people to organise games with, from Civilization to Deep Rock Galactic, you're welcome to organise your own games in the General Channel.

If you need to create your own channel to organise gaming, you can do that too.