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Rainbow Coalition is a community built around Arma, wherein everyone's contribution is welcome.

Our reason for existing is to build a strong social fabric that is robust and also sensitive and understanding towards people that might be ostracised or alienated by other Arma units.

We are sensitive to the fact that war and its depictions are both personal and political, and care should be taken around what is emphasized through mission design and community structure.

We seek to give every person the tools they need to play the game to at the level they want, without demanding the same performance out of every player. We believe that improvement comes from positive example, rather than shame.

We believe in the strength of different people united in a shared goal.

How we play

We play Arma once a week, every Sunday, at . We play cooperative missions, in which players are encouraged to play different roles they find interesting.

We primarily do infantry missions in a variety of settings as a variety of factions, emphasizing variety and collective, emergent storytelling. Having a good time, and having an interesting time are both more important than winning any particular mission.

We encourage players to engage with the many layers of the game: tactics, infantry combat, vehicle operation, teamwork, leadership; but to also find and reinforce what they enjoy doing most.

We use a selection of mods, including a custom version of ACE3 that changes its handling of unconsciousness to improve gameplay flow, and a set of terrains and equipment picked to maximize variety within a limited amount of disk space.


To join, head over to the signup form and enter a username you'd like. You may optionally enter a description that will be attached to your request. Assuming your username isn't an issue, your request will be approved and you'll be shown instructions for how to get set up to play with us.