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Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a game both deep and wide, and really challenges your ability to survive like none other.

Food, water, and combat are challenges, as they are genre staples, but so are driving, stress, fatigue, boredom, staying fit, and maintaining a nutritious diet. Deal with the long term consequences of changing seasons and crumbling infrastructure as you try to reskill into your role in the ruins of a society.

Our Project Zomboid sessions are cooperative, each player doing what they can to contribute, and focusing on the aspects of the game they enjoy the most. Games are organised in the Project Zomboid Channel.

Build 41 Server

We are currently hosting an ongoing server for Build 41, the current release, using this collection of mods.

In order to play, simply connect zomboid.rainbowcoalition.net. We will be using in-game VoIP and radio, and the server will remain running continuously.

A 90s styled computer generated flyer advertising Rainbow Coalition's trip to Kentucky
@mooble's period-accurate flyer for our Zomboid Adventures